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Sports Zone Academy 
Saturday Indoor League

Sharpen your skills this winter playing in a fast-paced, indoor baseball league, Saturday at Sports Zone Pine Grove.  This league is a great way to get the practice needed during the winter months when we can't play real games outside.  Play live games with defense on a real indoor field, not in a batting cage.


Machine Pitch Dates:
Age Groups: 10U, 11u, 12u

Session 1 [2023] : November 11, 18,  25 December 2, 9, 16

Session 2 [2024]: January 6, 13, 20, 27, February 3, 10,

Player Pitch Dates: (5 weeks)

Age Groups: 10U, 11u, 12u
(must have pitchers and catchers with their own equipment)

Session 3 [2024] : February 24, March 2, 9, 16, 23, (Makeup Date: 3/30)

Team Fee: $995.00 (must have minimum of 10 players)


Sports  Zone Pine Grove 

4050 Milton Ave

Camilius NY 13031

(Entrance in the rear of the building)


Registration Details:

  • Teams will need a minimum of 10 players with a maximum of 12.  Each team in the league will get one hour of cage time prior to each game to warm up.  Coaches will need to collect the team fee and pay before the league begins.

  • All online rosters must be completed by the coach two weeks prior to the beginning of each session.  Parents must agree to the online waiver when you complete the roster.  

  •  Please include your team's age in the team name, ex. 12u Wildcats, 11u Wildcats

  • All fields on the registration must be completed if all fields are not complete the registration will not process.

If registration is closed please email Eddie Gray @ for questions or concerns.

Session 3 [2024] - Player Pitch Schedule

Session 3 [2024]: 10u, 11u, 12u


Indoor League Session 3- Player Pitch Rules

Player Pitch League Rules


  1. 1 hour and 20-minute timed games, drop dead at the buzzer but finish the batter (Do not finish the inning).  After the game, please clear the dugout and get off the field.  Hold any team meeting at the batting cages not on the field after the game.

  2. No extra innings, games will end in a tie.

  3. Each team can use 1 cage only for an hour prior to each game.

  4. 4 run rule per inn max (not 5 like for the machine pitch league) unless final batter hits an Automatic HR (Therefore 7 run max)

  5. There is no run rule per game.

  6. Balls can be caught off the ceiling for outs – balls are live off the ceiling unless umpire calls it a foul ball (Umpire Judgement)

  7. Balls cannot be caught for outs off the side nets.

  8. Catchers and Pitchers can field any balls in front of the plate.

  9. Each batter starts with a 1-1 count.  Unlimited pitches.

  10. If the batter hits a pitch fair it is a live ball unless the umpire calls it a foul ball (umpire judgment). 

  11.  Foul balls are at the judgment of the umpire. 

  12.  No Bunting – This is a hitting game!  We do not want the 3rd basemen to have to play up at all.  So, NO BUNTING allowed. 

  13.  HR’s are at the judgment of the umpire – generally for 10u-12u the ball must be hit off the boarded/glass wall or above the field dividing curtain and into the net hanging down.  The ball cannot hit the ceiling first.  For 13u and up – balls must go over the boarded/glass wall and/or over the imaginary line on the side nets. 

  14.  If the game starts early, the time limit is still a 1 HOUR AND 20-minute game.   If the game starts late, the game still must end 10 minutes prior to the start of the next game to give plenty of time for teams to enter and exit the field. 

  15.   Any other rules not covered on this rule sheet are at the discretion of the umpire(s) on the field and or the league directors. 

    10U-12U MUST USE USA BATS or WOOD BATS (no travel bats!!!)

IF ANY PITCHER WALKS 4 BATTERS IN THE INNING, THE INNING WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE OVER AND ALL THE RUNS WILL BE AWARDED TO THE TEAM.  NO SINGLE PITCHER CAN PITCH MORE THAN 3 INNINGS PER GAME.  NO PITCHING CHANGES OR TRIPS TO THE MOUND DURING AN INNING - If the coach feels his pitcher cannot go on any longer, we will just switch the inning and award the 4 runs to the other team.  Then you can teach and/or talk to the players on the side lines.   


12u and up:  Any and all leads are permitted.  It's up to the pitchers to keep them close.  
There is no leading for 10u, but they can steal bases
Drop 3rd Strikes are in play for all age groups including 10u.

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