Sports Zone's Showcase Travel Teams

Why play for Syracuse Sports Zone Travel Baseball?

Sports Zone Showcase Travel Baseball Teams are designed so each showcase player gets maximum exposure in front of college coaches and recruiters.  For over a decade, hundreds of college and professional scouts throughout the country have trusted in our player evaluations and recommendations. Helping promote players for future placements, whether collegiate or professional, is a very unique and important service that we provide continuously throughout the year.  A showcase players is anyone who the Sports Zone coaching staff feels is ready to be play and be recruited by college coaches regardless of age and grad year.  Generally our 17u program (Syracuse Sports Zone Braves) consist of league age 16 or 17yr old players competing in the summer after their junior year of high school.  Our 16u program (Syracuse Sports Zone Athletics) consist of league age 15 and 16yr old players competing in the summer after their Sophomore year.  Select Freshman are included to play with the Athletics.  We do a unique combination of three Sports Zone Showcases for non-game exposure and 6 Showcase tournaments/events for game exposure.  The Sports Zone brand name is recognized by most college coaches at all levels including NCAA D1, D2, D3, NAIA, JUCO and Independent universities or colleges.  We have received this recognition based our placement of over 400 players at all levels of college over the past 12 years. We have also had 34 players sign professional contracts.   Most College Programs do not have the budgets to travel to individual HS or summer games to watch 1 or 2 players.  Instead, they now focus on travel programs that provide the opportunity for them to see rosters filled with kids that will play at the collegiate level.  Therefore, they will go to the big summer tournaments and the individual invite only tournaments hosted by the bigger travel programs like Sports Zone.  Our goal with our 9-10 events is to provide each player the opportunity to play in front of college coaches.  Our record is not based on wins and loses.  We base it on how many kids get scouted and ultimately commit to colleges based on how they play for us.  Although we do try to win, as winning programs attract even more attention from recruiters, some of the on field decisions we make are based on who needs to be seen in front of coaches in attendance vs something that be more beneficial to win that particular game.   Some of the scouting tournaments we attend there is no winner or loser.  We play 3 or 4 games in front of scouts and go home.  On average year to year, we help 25-30 players per year attain there dream of playing college baseball and 3-5 per year sign professional contracts in the MLB amateur draft in June.  For a complete list of all alumni visit our website at or take a copy of our media guide.

What Sports Zone is not?

We are not a College Recruiting or Placement service.  This part of the process take a tremendous amount of time and there are a lot of programs that generally cost $2500 to $6,000 per year.  We are starting up a program called “The Recruiting Zone”.  More details and cost will be out for that soon.  Chris Cafalone, Former college coach at Division 2 Barry University in Florida (5 years), Division 1 Southeast Missouri St in Missouri (6 years) and JUCO Onondaga CC in Syracuse (5 years) will be leading this program.  He is our area leading expert on the ins and out or college recruiting.  The program will focus on every other aspect of baseball recruiting and what all perspective student athletics need to do including but not limited to the NCAA clearing house, scholarship oppurtinities, planning, college videos, parent questions and answers, various seminars.  Sports Zone will host a seminar on this special offer for our players in November.

We can’t guarantee you a college scholarship or even a roster spot on any university team just because you play in our program.  That is completely up to the player and his performance on the field and in the classroom.  Our coaches will do our best to help promote you prior, during and after events but ultimately the college coaches are really interested in what they see on that given day and your HS transcripts.  Our program it set up so you may be seen by a school you really want to attend numerous times through-out the year.